Saas Fee Day 6

By September 28, 2019 AD Tech

We had another beautiful day above the clouds. We opted for another day of GS on the FIS hill since everyone stepped it up yesterday and showed that they belong there. The improvement between yesterday and today was amazing – it was a memorable day.

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  • Seymour says:

    Wow, coolest bibs on the glacier!

  • Mike Honcho says:

    For years I’ve been pulling things apart to get the perfect photo. These pictures blow the doors off of any I have in my portfolio. If I could quote the late Colonel Sanders, who said….”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken”
    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up American Downhiller!!!!

  • Meghan Krsek says:

    This is just amazing! Beautiful bibs too. Thank you all for your incredible hard work with our kids. Very very appreciated! Pictures are truly fantastic.

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