1. Payment is due in full 30 days prior to camp.  If you have registered for camp and not paid in full 30 days prior your name will be removed from the camp roster and your spot will be given to a waitlisted athlete.
  2.  $100 of your payment is non-refundable.  The rest of your payment is refundable up until the day before camp begins.
  3. No refunds after the camp start date for any reason (please note that if a camper is sent home for unacceptable behavior, or is injured and not able to ski for the remainder of their session, we cannot offer a refund)


  1. Cancellations after Sept 1st will not be fully refunded (dependent on filling spot).
  2. Cancellations before Sept 1st are eligible for a full refund.
  3. Full payment due by Sept 1st.


  1. General Camp Rules and code of conduct:
    1. Respect: The mountain (clean up after yourselves); the accommodations (tidy, clean); your peers (sportsmanship, help each other out, be a positive role model, support each other); your coaches (listen when the coaches are talking); yourself (be on time, work hard, listen, eat well, rest up, take care of your equipment, take care of your surroundings).
    2. There is zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol for athletes participating in the American Downhiller camp. There is zero tolerance for bullying at this camp.
  2. PHOTO RELEASE: By registering my child in the American Downhiller Camp, I agree to permit the use of photographs and videos, or other pictures of the athlete in promoting American Downhiller activities and programs (blog, promo video, social media).
  3. Accidents and Injuries are an unfortunate and inherent risk within the activities undertaken as a part of this program. All costs for medical services (other than basic first aid) are at the expense of the camper. We follow a strict safety policy while at Mammoth Mountain/ Saas Fee in conjunction with the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol / Saas Fee Ski Patrol. Each attendant’s parent/guardian must sign a liability waiver for the American Downhiller camp and also a liability waiver for Mammoth Mountain / Saas Fee. For our European Camp, athletes’ parents/guardians must sign a liability waiver and are recommended to buy additional travel insurance.