Saas Fee Day 12

By October 4, 2019 AD Tech

Another epic slalom day. We set a full length slalom course today that challenged everyone! The conditions were tough (icy, steep) and we added timing into the mix – so it was a big day on the hill. Everyone really rose to the challenge, especially in their first few runs. We’ve been pushing them out of their comfort zone and they keep giving it their all. We were lucky enough to be training right beside World Cup medalist Naoki Yuasa. It was so impressive to watch him crush his course (which happened to be basically a mirror of our course). So, the level that we’ve been pushing everyone to ski is incredibly high when you consider that we were surrounded by World Cup teams! I didn’t actually take any pictures on the hill today, except for one of David, due to how hectic it was to be training between the Japanese World Cup Team and the Slovenian World Cup women’s team.

BUT we did the most hilarious dryland – we went mountain scootering. I’ll let the (45) pics speak for themselves.