AD tech day 2

By September 15, 2021 AD Tech

Weather Day. Unfortunately we woke up to rain and Saas Fee did not open today. Tomorrow looks a bit better and then things should turn around for us as the temps drop and clouds clear out at bit. We are optimistic!

Like many days in our past race careers, we lingered for an extra long breakfast once we heard that the glacier was closed. The breakfasts here have been great and it was nice to really enjoy it thoroughly. We had a 2 hour study block all together in the dining room later in the morning.  We also had some video sessions with everyone to really understand the concepts we are coaching, as well as our goals for the camp.

This afternoon we took advantage of the nice fields here.  Leanne led a plyometrics warmup, followed by an intense and rainy soccer game.  Good times!

We are looking forward to getting on snow, hopefully tomorrow, and beyond!