Tentative Schedule for the 2017 American Downhiller Speed Camp.

*Subject to change

*Revisions will be made to the daily schedule as details are confirmed but FLIGHT TIMES WILL REMAIN THE SAME:

  • FLYING INTO RENO: The most important details are flight times. If booking flights to and from Reno, PLEASE book arrival on May 16th before 2:00pm and departure on May 21st after 5:00pm.
  • FLYING INTO MAMMOTH: Athletes must arrive at the Mammoth Airport before 5:00pm on the 16th of May and can depart from Mammoth anytime after 3:00pm on May 21st.
  • ARRIVING IN MAMMOTH VIA OTHER MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION  (drop off): Athletes must be in Mammoth by 6:00pm on the 16th of May and can be picked up at 12:30pm on May 21st.