The Base Camp for Speed Ski Racing

This is American Downhiller – where the best current and former downhill ski racers and coaches band together to create a speed-skiing platform for the future generation of ski racers. Our mission is to empower young ski racers to approach their careers with champion-grade passion, genuine curiosity, and formidable tenacity. This is the base camp for becoming the fastest in the world. We offer different camps of the highest coaching quality and caliber.

The shared knowledge and passion that this world-class group of coaches and racers share for ski racing is unmatched. Normally, a camp of this quality is only offered at the highest levels of ski racing. American Downhiller offers the best coaching to the next generation to help continue the legacy of American Speed skiers. To attend a world-class National Team caliber ski camp is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Our Camps

May 17 – 22, 2019: Mammoth Speed Skills Find out more info!

Sept 21 – Oct 6, 2019: Saas-Fee, Switzerland Technical Camp (limited spots) Find out more Info!

Our 2019 Coaching Staff

Below is a list of some of our past and current coaches. A compilation of ski racing knowledge of this caliber has never before been offered in one camp –  with a combined total of 64 WC Podiums and 27 Olympic Games!

Marco Sullivan

4 x Olympian racer who has raced more World Cup Downhills than any other American male. 1 World Cup Victory & 4 WC Podiums.

Leanne Smith

Recently retired 2 x Olympian, over a hundred World Cup starts and two podiums in her career.

Bryce Bennett

Current World Cup racer and member of 2018 Olympic Team.

Ranked 7th in the Current WC Downhill Standings!

Marie-Michele Gagnon

Current World Cup Speed Racer and World Cup Winner! 2 time Olympian.

Daron Rahlves

Most World Cup Downhill victories of any American male ski racer. 4 x Olympian, 12 WC Victories & 28 WC Podiums!!!

Keely Kelleher

Former US Ski Team Downhiller and owner of Keely’s Camps for girls!

Steven Nyman

3 x Olympian & 11 WC Podiums, 2 WC Victories.

Johno Mcbride

Current head Men’s speed coach for the US Ski Team

Sam Dupratt

Current WC Downhill racer!

AJ Kitt

4 x Olympian, 6 WC Podiums & 1 WC Victory.

Wiley Maple

2018 Olympian and Current World Cup Racer.

Travis Ganong

Olympian, 2 x WC Victories & 4 WC podiums.

Bryon Friedman

Former Word Cup downhill racer, entrepreneur, and video/photo guru.

Anna Sullivan

Olympian and former World Cup Slalom racer – cheffing it up for the AD camp!

Tommy Eckfeldt

US Ski Team World Cup Coach.

Dane Spencer

Former Word Cup racer, Olympian, and World Cup Coach.

Alix Wilkinson

Newly named to US Ski Team – World Junior team member.

Rena Sullivan

Camp Mom and co-head chef! 🙂

Sam Morse

Current World Cup Downhiller and World Junior champion

Nellie Talbot

2019 World Junior Team member