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Off season training

By August 8, 2012Uncategorized

I have been battling a couple of herniated discs in my back recently and as a result I have had to massively alter my summer training regimen.  Where in the past I was all about lifting heavy weights and adding muscle girth I have now shifted over to core stabilization and overall trunk strength.

Here is a little video that was put together of my training earlier this summer.  Thanks to Scott Williams at Synergy Healing Arts Studio for helping me to get moving properly again.


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  • Mike R. says:

    Great video. I have a similar back issue. Would love to get a list of those exercises to get me ready for winter. Any suggestions? Thx!

    • Marco says:

      Mike, I think it is a bit specific for each person but one thing I really like is doing a plank circuit. If you hold a front plank for a minute, side plank for 30 seconds each side and do that 3 times each. As you get stronger you can add in movement like lifting a leg or an arm. This is a good warmup for your core or a good workout depending on how long and how hard you want to push it.

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